The Three Secrets to Retiring Through Real Estate
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Webinar: 20 MIN
Client Testimonials: 14 MIN
Frequently Asked Questions: 17 MIN

During This Free Presentation You Will Learn
Why you no longer have to worry about your investments or retirement savings
With a guaranteed rate of 8% return, you can accurately budget your retirement savings. 
Why real estate outperforms other investment portfolios
And the percentage of your retirement savings that experts recommend should be in your portfolio moving forward.
Why real estate investing is creating 90% of the worlds millionaires
Once reserved only for the wealthy, we now make real estate investing easy for the middle class! 
About The Host
Dr. Brandon Park
Director of Sales and Marketing
Brandon is a professional speaker, author, and entrepreneur. He began as a client of Morton Capital and quickly became one of our biggest advocates. 

"The Real Estate Retirement Plan is one of the most genius investment plans I've ever come across. I love helping people reach their financial goals through the Real Estate Retirement Plan that Morton Capital has to offer." - Brandon 
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